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All prices are labor only

SHOP RATE $95 per hr.


Bore and power hone 25.00 per cyl.

Power hone only 10.00 per cyl.


W/ torque plate (V8) plus 50.00

2.3-2.5 Ford plus 25.00


Line Hone block per cap 40.00


Install 4bolt caps (three center, plus parts) and line bore 400.00


Deck block up to .020

V8 142.50

4&6 Cyl 95.00

Square Block w/ BHJ fixture 190.00

Install sleeve 190.00

Over .020    By Time


Balance V8 w/ all stock components 285.00

Non stock parts and strokers est. 325.00+

Heavy metal Time and materials



Jet wash, remove cam bearings and freeze plugs 150.00

Cam bearings installed 10.00 ea.

Jet wash parts Time

Remove and replace pistons on rods 10.00 ea.




Rod work

Recon rod big end 15.00 ea

R&R bushing and fit 15.00 ea


Head work

Valve job 2 valves per cyl.

V8 190.00

6 Cyl. 142.50

4 Cyl. 110.00

4 Cyl overhead cam 2.3-2.5 ford 190.00


Install guides 8.00 ea.

Install seats 16.00 ea.



Resurface Head

V8 &V6 100.00

6 Cyl. In line 95.00

4 Cyl. 55.00







Mock up, dial in cam, assemble short block, assemble long block, detail engine, are all by time and materials, call for estimate.



Flat Head Ford Labor

We specialize in rebuilding Flathead ford engines, but some of the processes are unique . Here are Here are some of the Flathead specific processes.


Relieve block and blend 3hrs 225.00

Porting Time

Install valve guides 2hrs 150.00

95% Full flow filter machining 150.00


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